Mobile remote avalanche control system (RACS) carried by helicopter based on exploding a hydrogen/oxygen gas mixture inside an open cone.

→ This innovative avalanche control solution is a mobile system, easily transportable by helicopter (with 15 to 30 m sling) and is ideal for inaccessible or particularly troublesome avalanche areas, depending on the conditions encountered.

Functional ADVANTAGES :

FLEXIBLE: « for optimized effectiveness »

  • Possible to deal with a large number of slide paths with a single system.
  • Choice of height of explosion position depending on the snowpack.
  • Precise positioning of the impact, even on a steep slope (no duds or sliding of the explosive).

SAFE: « to control the risk »
  • No handling of explosives or human intervention in the area to be made safe to position the explosion above the snowpack.
  • Readily supplied (short and long term) consumables (oxygen & hydrogen) at low cost and with no significant constraints on storage.
  • No risk of unexploded charges.
  • Shots can be viewed on site and avalanche outcomes recorded.

PROFITABLE: « for rapid return on investment »
  • Time saved before, during and after the operation.
  • Training and approval requirements are minimal.
  • Very low cost per shot.
  • Only a single operator needed in the helicopter.
  • Very rapid implementation: 5 seconds per firing, 10 seconds waiting time between shots.

> Download DaisyBell leaflet (.pdf)

"For avalanche control by helicopter, Daisybell® system offers you a modern tool that is safe, rapid and effective and gives you the ability to position the right charge, in the right place and at the right time."


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  • Transported by helicopter using a 15-30 meter sling
  • Considered as a non-explosive gas appliance by air traffic authorities
  • Charge capacity based on storage capacity for cylinders: 50 to 70 firings
  • Weight: 390 kg excluding cylinders
  • Self-sufficient in power: electrically powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Gas injection time: 5 seconds
  • Operated from the helicopter cockpit (radio link) using the portable remote control
  • Certified operations to –30°C
  • Integrated measurement of distance relative to the ground by laser rangefinder
  • Developed to comply with European CE Directives