Weather station

Weather station

Modular measurement system used to collect and record various meteorological data useful for forecasting and observing phenomena.

→ To assess potential avalanche likelihood, this remote self-powered weather station provides the best possible decision-making aid to the operations program manager.

Functional DETAILS


  • Power supply (batteries recharged by solar panels).
  • Data transmission by radio, GSM or GPRS link.

MODULAR « for the following possible measurements » :

  • Air and snow surface temperature.
  • Wind speed and direction.
  • Humidity.
  • Precipitation.
  • Snow depth.
  • Atmospheric Pressure.
  • Sunshine/solar input.
  • Snow drift rate/accumulation → FLOWCAPT sensor.
  • Snowpack profile ‘remotely’ (e.g. in an avalanche path) → NIVEXC sensor.
  • Webcam.


> Download "Monitoring Solutions" presentation (.pdf)


  • see "Monitoring Solutions" presentation