Flexible avalanche fencing protection installed in avalanche starting zones to preventively hold the snowpack in place.

→ Usable on all ground types (loose or rocky), this reference solution for permanent active protection is made up of posts which support a set of modules of flexible triangular nets.

Functional ADVANTAGES :


  • Light weight: reduced working time and costs bringing it to site.
  • Open structure: low visual impact in both winter and summer.
  • Reduced number of anchors: needed only upstream and downstream and not under the post.

  • On site over more than 35 years with snow from 2 to 7 meters high in light snow (Alps) or high density snow (Pyrenees, Iceland), in several European and American countries.
  • Developed to comply with French standard NF P 95-304 (for all heights of snow) and sized in line with the requirements of the Swiss Directive (for different thicknesses of snow).

  • Adaptable to all types of land and topography, using net modules and triangular mesh.
  • Choice of assembly procedure: manual lifting or pre-assembled units brought in by helicopter.
  • Different distances between anchors and posts, depending on the ground resistance and construction of anchors.

> Download Menta leaflet (.pdf)




RANGES Available :

  • from F26 to F56
  • from Dk2 to Dk4.5