Hybrid avalanche fencing protection installed in avalanche starting zones to preventively hold the snowpack in place.

→ Suitable for all soil types and topographies, this solution for permanent active protection comprises individual cruciform modules (linked together or independent) fixed to the ground using a single anchor.

Functional ADVANTAGES :


  • Reduced number of anchors.
  • Light weight (<400 kg, whatever the model) to reduce helicopter transport costs.
  • Site management simplified as much as possible and very rapid assembly.

  • Adaptable to all types of land and topography, using its individual modules.
  • Distances (between anchors) and sole plate adaptable depending on the topography and ground resistance.
  • Can be installed in a continuous line or isolated units.
  • Particularly suitable for difficult and chaotic soils (rocky or areas with several small slide paths).

  • On site over more than 15 years with snow from 2 to 5 meters deep in light snow (Alps) or very wet snow (Pyrenees, Andorra), in several European and American countries.
  • Sized in line with the requirements of the Swiss Directive for different thicknesses of snow.

> Download Vela leaflet (.pdf)


RANGES Available

  • from Dk2.5 to Dk4