Vela-SV (retaining)


This retaining solution is installed in areas of unstable ground above a roadway or trail below the ski run.

→ Ground stabilization system comprising one or more rows of individual cruciform modules linked together and fixed to the ground using a single anchor (drilled or deadweight).

Functional ADVANTAGES :


  • In place on site for more than 10 years at retaining heights of 3 to 3.5 m in several European countries.
  • Validation possible by geotechnical survey, if necessary.

  • Light weight (<400 kg whatever the size or model), so can be transported to site by excavator or any type of helicopter.
  • No anchor required below and deadweight can be used.
  • Simplified work, by excavation and backfill using an excavator.

  • Variable dimensions depending on the retaining height required and conditions encountered on site.
  • Can be installed regardless of the terrain shape using its individual modules.
  • Structure can be covered with vegetation or wood to blend in to the landscape.

> Download Vela-SV (retaining) leaflet (.pdf)





  • Based on rectangular modules made up of 2 metal profiles
  • Minimum service life: 35 years for hot dip galvanized structures
  • Structures require little maintenance (just regular inspections)
  • Possible use as an enlargement solution


  • 3 lretaining widths from 3.2 to 3.9m
  • Height:   3 m   /   3 m   /  3.5 m
  • Width:   3.2m  /  3.9m  /  3.5m