This solution for widening access routes (ski runs, trails, banks, cycle tracks) provides a simplified installation, requiring neither drilling nor concrete.

System (developed and patented by T.A.S) comprising a cage containing ballast and an overhanging extension to widen the trial/roadway.

AVANTAGES fonctionnels :


  • Used in several ski resorts with different problematics to widen ski runs or mounting / dismounting areas for ski lifts.
  • Approved by design calculation to carry machines weighing up to 10 tons.
  • Allows logging trucks to pass in summer and snow grooming machines in winter.

  • Installation requires no drilling or concrete.
  • Possible use of on-site materials for backfill.
  • Varying degrees of burying depending on the constraints of buried utility networks.
  • Very low overload impact on bank below.

  • Simple and fast installation (20 tons excavator).
  • Heliportable mechanically-welded structure.
  • Class III wood (Fir) or class IV autoclave-treated wood used.

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  • Mechanically-welded mild steel or hot dipped galvanized structure
  • A single model available for widening from 2.6 m to 4m (depending on positioning)
  • Heliportable structure weighing less than 800 kg
  • Fully-adapted to convex or concave profiles of slopes and outlines
  • Self-supporting stable structure supporting a maximum snow load of 1 m with density of 500 kg
  • Maximum supported weight: 10 tons
  • Packing down possible with a snow groomer with maximum weight of 10 tons not passing less than 0.5m from the edge
  • Possible to integrate skier protection complying with French standards NF52105 and NF52106 (for groomed ski runs) or a hand rail (for ski slopes)
  • Structure can be adapted to specific site configurations, on request only