The company

TAS, the World’s n°1 in Natural Hazard Prevention

TAS is the world leader in remote natural hazard prevention systems. For more than 20 years, TAS technologies have been protecting ski resorts, villages, highways and mining sites.

Efficiently protecting your site from avalanches and rock falls, our protection systems and remote avalanche-release systems adapt to all terrains and conditions. TAS guarantees avalanche and rock-fall protection for customers around the world: ski and mountain resorts, private ventures and public and professional authorities.

TAS is with you every step of the way during your project:


Our expert sales team and technicians work closely with you to provide the best, most realistic and durable solutions. TAS’s range of services and products makes sure you find the optimum safety system for your operation.


Our R&D department work on devising innovative natural hazard prevention solutions each day that comply with all standards and regulations. The number of patents we register on a regular basis demonstrates our on-going commitment to innovation.


TAS controls the entire manufacturing process of the products its offers from start to finish, establishing a strict process methodology and regular controls to ensure optimal reliability of all manufactured products. We are 100% committed to the quality of our avalanche protection and release systems.


Even in the most difficult environments, TAS installs natural hazard prevention systems that are fully adapted to your needs. Our experience within different types of terrain and adverse climate conditions means you have the best service partner to make your installations durable.

Maintenance / Aftersales

Regular product follow-up and maintenance is essential in any project to ensure maximum efficiency. Our personalized aftersales service looks after your every need. Our teams are ready to quickly act whenever you need assistance.

Quality that Guarantees Safety

TAS technologies and products are your best guarantee in ensuring the safety of your people and spaces. Our products operate using a mixture of gases, eliminating the dangers and risks involved with explosives.

Our solutions O'Bellx®, Daisybell® and Gazex®/Gazflex® let you artificially release avalanches as often as you want, regardless of weather conditions and without putting the lives of your workers at risk.

Make your spaces safe thanks to remote triggering using our natural hazard prevention systems and mitigate the risk of having to stop operations due to dangerous conditions.